Changing the conventional logistics of construction...

The Design Buro is an international business that specialises in technologies associated with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), including modular construction. MMC delivers productivity improvements that result in shorter building times and waste reduction which can in turn lead to lower costs for industry. For the consumer and society this translates to better quality and lower prices when considering both acquisition and maintenance costs, as well as an improved environmental and energy-use footprint.

We are the most experienced business in this sector and our team of international experts support all stages of the design and construction process, including MMC Design, Civil, Structural and MEP Engineering, Production, Procurement, Site Installation, and Quality Management. We can advise on the best approach to integrate modern methods of construction, or off-site methods, into a construction project to deliver client benefits through accelerated build programmes, improved cost predictability, and consistent levels of quality.

Our intellectual property is available through partnership and includes unique solutions for self-supporting modular buildings up to 50 storeys in height, as well as prefabricated structures, cassette floors and wall systems.

For more information email us at: or call us on +44 1926 427 316.

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